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They receive bad comments from the store managers, who complain that they can not increase their store sales, they make a great effort and these months are difficult for them. Regardless of the product or service they sell, I tell them that no matter what they do, sales will not increase. A store manager does not have the power to change the strategy, the sales system and the communication with the customer. Only “head marketing” can make a difference because it has “power” that the company has granted. Can “head marketing” have full knowledge about the “types of clients” that exist?

Is it business, of head marketing, to know the different types of clients that exist and how to negotiate with them? … I can tell you that between your work and other things, it would not be enough for marketers to know everything, for that reason increase the sales of a brand, the knowledge of a negotiator is required, he knows the different types of clients , and if you also know them, you will know that each one has a different question … and then, how can you increase sales? If you do not answer that question, or even worse, if you do not know the types of clients that are “on the street”, with which we all have to deal.
I responded to the store managers, who would send a message to the head of marketing, with an explanation on the subject.

I tell marketing professionals that, for me to give you this information, I went a long way in business and sales, about 20 years ago! I admire the marketing professional, who also considered me a marketing woman, but it was not My passion for that job that gave me the knowledge about the “types of clients” that exist. It was my job as a negotiator, and the experience that taught me that regardless of the socioeconomic level of your audience, regardless of your need, regardless of your professional level, you can say: I do not buy! … Then it can not be guided only by that information, it must not suppose that the client with money will buy, or that the level of education or social level determines a possible buyer. The only certain thing is that no matter the environment and the conditions that surround people, determine what kind of clients they are. You will only discover it with a question … I had to spend 20 years negotiating and doing hundreds of strategies to discover that life in business, it can be very easy! I want to tell you the 3 types of clients there are, and because they do what they do, they do not increase sales, but they know them … and they must answer your question.

It happened to you that when you were about to close a sale (b2b) suddenly it was not like that … then you say to yourself: I did everything very well, the client was convinced, and out of nowhere he stepped back! Well, I want to inform colleagues, that the client will never close the deal, and why do I say that? Because you did not answer your question, and that means you did not know what kind of “client” it was. I discovered that there are 3 types of clients, or three key characteristics that mark these 3 types of clients, I call each one with the following name: 1. Hard Client, 2 Flexible Client, 3. Client Value. Their names must already inform you something. The client Hard (b2b) is the one who will never sell, even if this client has the necessary financial resources and the need! Selling to this client will be a long process / The Hard client (b2c) here is where the “head marketing” loses time and efforts, with offers and promotions aimed at an audience with economic resources and needs, believing that this information will be enough to sell they. The difficult customer does not buy …

Colleagues, professionals, businessmen and all those linked to sales, should know that they currently generate sales, it is not a fact of data, for me sales are and always have been “things of the brain of the person (consumer)”, I mean When I thought about all this, about the types of clients, I did it because I discovered that, to sell, you must know how the client thinks, how the customer feels, how the client’s brain works. Many will say how complicated it sounds, but it’s not like that. Only one or two questions will be enough for you to decide what kind of client it is, does it sound good, right? How not to waste time and economic resources, in false expectations of sales. We continue, the “type of Hard Client” does not buy, because it feels good as it is, and to change “that idea in your head” you have to answer 2 questions, it is a long process with this client, it would be better to go through the “Value Client” and “Flexible Client”, these customers are closer to the sale.

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